How Do I Make A Claim With Staysure?

Staysure Claim

Staysure Travel Insurance Company has settled over 30,000 claims since January 2022 till now and paid up to £23 million.

If you have a medical emergency, need to cut short your trip, or require Personal Assistance Services while you are outside the United Kingdom, please call Staysure Assistance at + 44 1403 288 414 or +1 844 780 0639 when calling from within the USA and Canada. The Emergency Assistance Line is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Where to claim?

You can visit Staysure Insurance Claims and submit your claim. You can expect a response to your claim within 15 working days after submission.

What information do I need to make a Staysure travel insurance claim?

You will need

  • Travel insurance policy no.

Staysure claim cancellation:

You simply need the below documents

  • booking invoice

Can I make a claim if my flight was canceled?

you need to contact the travel agent of your flight booking to claim a refund. If your travel provider/airline company is unable to give you a refund, please submit your travel insurance claim here.



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